The SOLAR CFL UPS offered by SILICO ENERGY SYSTEMS is a portable lighting system consisting of a CFL / CFLs, sealed maintenance free (SMF) battery, associated electronics and a Solar PV module. (typically 10Wp). The solar energy is converted to electrical energy by the PV module and stored in a sealed maintenance-free battery for use during the night hours. A single charge can operate the lamp for about 4-5 hours (for a single 5W CFL). There is also provision for wall electricity charging.
The on-box CFL holder can be used for directly plugging in a CFL light in to it for a full range of 360 degrees light. Also there are three 3-pin sockets which
can be used as extension for connecting upto 3 CFLs lights simultaneously. For powering a total load upto 50W simultaneously.

Application areas:

   Emergency / house lighting, table lamp, camping, patrolling (streets, farms), Hawker / Vendor Stalls, non-electrified remote places
   • Convenient, Safe and Easy alternative to kerosene / gas fuels

Component Description:
PV Module : 12 V, 10 Wp
Battery : SMF Type 12V, 7 AH
Lamp : CFL 5W (supports up to 50W load)
Working Time : 3-4 hrs (considering single 5W CFL load)
Charging Time : 6-7 hours / day

Safety Features:
  Completely safe from electrical shocks
  Battery overcharge / deep discharge protection
  Solar Panel reverse polarity protection

  10 Years for PV module
  1 year for electronics
  • 1 year for battery